Printing Services: Helping You to Promote Your Business
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Printing Services: Helping You to Promote Your Business

Hello, my name is Roger and this is my printing service blog. I live alone in an apartment in Sydney, Australia and I run my own business which produces a range of different products for the elderly care sector. I only started the business last year so I was looking for a way to get my name out there and to publicise my brand. I found a great printing service who were able to produce a range of promotional pens, USB sticks, banners and leaflets which I distribute at the many trade shows that I attend. I hope you find my blog about using a printing service to promote your business useful.

Printing Services: Helping You to Promote Your Business

  • Should You Choose CNC Machining or 3-D Printing for Your Project?

    15 July 2019

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with technology in any arena, especially when it comes to manufacturing. Back in the day, options may have been very limited when designing a product for the mass market, but today you could be faced with a dizzying array of options. If you are exploring this arena for a potential product launch and want to know whether you should use CNC machining or 3-D technology for your project, what are the key differences between these two solutions?

  • Three common methods of binding your book

    11 February 2019

    If you are getting a book printed, you are probably more concerned with the contents than with the methods used to bind the pages. But the binding method can have an enormous effect on the look of the finished product. Here are some of the more common methods of bookbinding that you might like to consider. Perfect bound This is the kind of binding used for paperbacks and other softcover books, and it produces a professional finish to your book.

  • Corporate Promotional Materials: 3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Graphic Designer

    26 February 2018

    If you own a business, you may always be looking for ways you can save money by taking things in-house. However, while on many occasions this may be a wise choice, it is seldom a good idea to attempt to produce your own graphic design work. Modern digital design software means that many people have access to powerful tools. However, if you do not understand the fundamentals of graphic design, you will never be able to produce high-quality promotional materials.

  • Designing Print-Ready Flyers to Advertise Your Band

    7 November 2017

    Despite the importance of social media and online marketing in the modern age, printing physical flyers is still a highly effective way to promote your band. It helps keep you fresh in people's minds by giving them something to hold onto and put somewhere safe, and it can be a great way to grab attention away from the crowded internet world. To work as well as possible, your flyer needs to look professional and have all the right information on it.

  • What's the Point of Audio Mastering Before Producing CDs?

    26 September 2017

    So you and your band have been busy recording a selection of your best songs to put on an album. You've spent money on a decent studio, got someone knowledgeable to handle the recording and production, and you're ready to send the finished tracks off for CD duplication so you can start selling them at shows or using them for promotion. But before you do that, there's one more step you should think about: mastering.