Printing Services: Helping You to Promote Your Business
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Printing Services: Helping You to Promote Your Business

Hello, my name is Roger and this is my printing service blog. I live alone in an apartment in Sydney, Australia and I run my own business which produces a range of different products for the elderly care sector. I only started the business last year so I was looking for a way to get my name out there and to publicise my brand. I found a great printing service who were able to produce a range of promotional pens, USB sticks, banners and leaflets which I distribute at the many trade shows that I attend. I hope you find my blog about using a printing service to promote your business useful.

Printing Services: Helping You to Promote Your Business

How Can You Come up With the Best Logo Design for Your New Business?

Martin Carpenter

If you want your new business to stand out from the competition and be memorable, you need to invest in a good logo. Everything starts with a good idea, but there are several other factors to consider as you progress. What should you keep in mind for your graphic design project?


It's easy to become engrossed in colours, three-dimensional imagery and other features, but make sure to stay true to your brand philosophy. In other words, the logo has to make sense by communicating at least the "essence" of your product or service. Clearly, some fonts and colours are more appropriate for certain industries than others, and you always need to remember that. Still, you must make your creation memorable while keeping it as simple as possible.


Next, remember that your logo will need to be reproduced in many different places, and it should always look good, no matter what. So, if you go into too much detail, much of it will be lost when the logo is reduced in size. Some of the more intricate, white shapes may lose their definition. If you need to rely on small-scale marketing (such as business cards), it's best to reduce the number of colours; otherwise, your logo may look too busy.


Of course, the use of colours is a subject in itself. Clearly, you'll want to avoid a straightforward clash, but the motto here is simplicity. This applies to the number of images, shapes or other structures, and you need to strike a compromise. If your creation is too simple, you will lose excitement and flair, so somewhere in the middle is a stylish creation that is easy on the eyes.


Remember your typeface when you need to scale down your logo and try to keep it as simple as possible. There are thousands of individual fonts, and most of them will not work. Choose something from a font family that's appropriate for your industry, and ensure that your wording is easy to read. Above all, don't try and cram too many words or conflicting messages, as your logo is not a place for you to explain your USP.

Handing Over to the Experts

If you're still scratching your head and looking at a blank sheet of paper, outsource the work to a qualified graphic designer. They'll come up with some fantastic ideas to get the ball rolling.