Printing Services: Helping You to Promote Your Business
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Printing Services: Helping You to Promote Your Business

Hello, my name is Roger and this is my printing service blog. I live alone in an apartment in Sydney, Australia and I run my own business which produces a range of different products for the elderly care sector. I only started the business last year so I was looking for a way to get my name out there and to publicise my brand. I found a great printing service who were able to produce a range of promotional pens, USB sticks, banners and leaflets which I distribute at the many trade shows that I attend. I hope you find my blog about using a printing service to promote your business useful.


Printing Services: Helping You to Promote Your Business

3 Ways to Use Printed Labels in Your New Homemade Food Business

Martin Carpenter

If you're starting a homemade food business, printed, custom labels could benefit you. Here are 3 ways to make use of them.

Tamper Seals

One of the biggest obstacles customers put up when it comes to homemade food businesses is concern over whether the food is hygienically prepared and safe to eat. Even when you have all the necessary licensing and certification to sell food made in your home, many customers will still be looking for additional reassurance.

Tamper-evident seals are one great way to convince customers of your food's safety. These are sticker labels you can put on many types of packaging, from zip-lock bags to jars. The label must be broken to open the packaging, so customers can be sure that, if the label is intact, the food hasn't been tampered with in any way. Note that it's best to use 'permanent' labels for this purpose rather than removable ones, so customers know the label can't be easily peeled off and put back.

Product Labels

One of the most obvious ways to use printed labels is for product labelling. While handwritten labels can look charming and rustic, printed labels will take your food to the next level, presenting it as an artisan product that can command higher prices. Remember that even though people shouldn't just a book by its cover, they often do. How your food looks on the outside will, in a customer's eyes, reflect how it tastes on the inside.

Aside from making your homemade food look attractive, printed labels can also give customer's nutritional information, allergy warnings, and many more snippets of information you wouldn't want to write out by hand. If you still want to keep a homemade, handwritten element to your product, you can choose matte or writable labels and leave a gap in the design for you to sign the product or note the specific flavour variety.

Outer Packaging

Do you sell exclusively in person at markets and events? If so, what kind of outer bag do you put your product in when you hand it over to your customer? Likewise, for those who sell online, how does your package looked when it's wrapped up and ready to mail? Branded outer packaging can speak volumes about how professional your company is and serves as an advertisement to everyone who sees it--from mail carriers to your customers' friends and family. Of course, branded bags and boxes can be very expensive, so why not turn to printed labels instead? Custom labels give your outer packaging a professional feel at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to maximise profits as your business grows.